Did you know that hackers attack you within 5 minutes after your have placed something online? Every single day, hour after hour?

Hosting companies take down hacked servers quick. OnlineHackScan helps to prevent that from happening to YOU!

A public IP address for your website isn’t something secret. Within 5 minutes, hackers are bashing on your door, trying to break in.

Onlinehackscan.com created a series of solutions to protect your business from the bad guys.

With 20 years of offensive security experience, it was time to make security simple and affordable.

Onlinehackscan.com has created an automated penetration testing suite, which helps any business to identify weaknesses in servers and applications.

The Seal of Trust is a service where websites are assessed for malicious content. When found, the site owner is notified and warned of a breach.

A business is hacked every 11 seconds...

The world is filled with hackers; criminals who utilize technical problems in servers, applications, and websites to their advantage. Websites and servers are attacked within 5 minutes after they are brought online. This means that when there are security problems inside a website or a server, hackers gain access to data almost instantly.

OnlineHackscan wants to make the world a safer place. They try this by taking technology out of security by providing business insight that makes sense.

By making security as simple as possible, it becomes available for anyone. Easy to understand and aimed to help instead of harm.

OnlineHackscan makes security simple.

Tim – CTO & Founder


Seal Of Trust

Have I Been Hacked?
Think of the Seal of Trust serivce as an alarm system, like you use to protect your house. We place virtual sensors on one of more of your website pages.

When we detect that hackers did something nasty, we alert you right away. When needed, we can help you to fix any problems.
  • Active alerts on problems!
  • Instantly protect your systems
  • Up & Running within 5 minutes
  • Incident Response Services
  • Professional Support

Security Pentests

Find Weaknesses in your Websites
Find out how hackers break into your company in a fast and recurring way. We help you safe 20+ hours of manual work a month while giving you 12x more data to steer your company on. And all of this at 1/10th of the cost!

What else do we have to say? We help you to find and fix weaknesses in your company before attackers are.
  • Active alerts on problems!
  • Instantly protect your systems
  • Up & Running within 5 minutes
  • Incident Response Services
  • Professional Support

Vulnerability Scanning

Is Your Server Network Secure?
Each day 320 new security weaknesses are discovered. We offer you an easy way to find these security weaknesses in your network.

Save many hours of work and save money by using our services!
  • Multitenant; 1 login for
    all your vulnerability scans
  • Save countless hours of work a month
  • Whitelabel reports available;
    use your own logo and domain name!
  • SaaS Model. Always benefit from the latest vulnerability databases
  • Fully online service, no software installations

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