Here’s Why Managed Service Providers Are The Solution To Cyberattacks in Payment Processing Security

Businesses all over the world are appreciating the benefits of using payment processing in their companies. From its flexibility, customization, and efficiency, companies continue to embrace growth with payment processors. However, just like any other payment method, payment processors areRead More

Bug hunting, for fun and profit. My slightly but not so technical how to guide for anyone.

This article reflects not only how I like to do bug bounty programs, but also how I approach most of my normal penetration tests, red teams or web security assessments. It works well for me and many clients I’ve served have been helped byRead More

Practical advice on time management and where to focus on when you want to kick ass at any course and study!

One of the topics that came along during my call for subjects was that of preparations for courses, especially the time management part when having a full time job or being a student.  I understand where this comes from, I’ve had similar doubts inRead More