Are hackers breaking into your website?

Are hackers breaking into your website?

Did you know that within 5 minutes after a server or website is online, automated attacks start trying to break in? Yes, really! Within 5 minutes, the first attacks happen on your website!

You can stay ahead of the game and find out where your weak spots are! Use the services and identify security vulnerabilities right away! This helps your keep your website and your servers secure and online!

More than 300 new security problems are found each day!

This crazy number is true! When you look at the data sources, over 300 new security vulnerabilities are discovered each and every single day. This is why you need to scan your websites and servers often! By default, onlinehackscan scans your servers on a monthly basis, to make sure you stay up to date with your security patches!

Online hackscan make reporting easy!

It is a matter of clicking a button! A simple and clear PDF report is what we present you: it has a nice executive – non tech – summary for business people, and more than enough tech details for the ones that have to fix the issues!

The website security scan reports include a business risk calculation based on the OWASP ASVS (ask your tech what that means if you don’t, they will understand!). It also holds the full requests and responses which your development teams can use to replay the vulnerability and get the full understanding what they have to do to fix the issues!

Good Security Vulnerability Scanning does not have to be expensive!

Onlinehackscan has made its service available to anyone! Websites should be secure, so that attackers and hackers have no chance. You can start today with one of our packages practically for free! Why not give it a go and see how we do! Don’t like it? Not a problem, cancel any time! No questions asked!

If you don’t do security scans on your website, it will be hacked.

This is the stone cold, hard truth. We are not trying to scare you; it is the truth. There are bad people out there which call themselves hackers. All they do is looking for weak and vulnerable websites and web servers. You do not have to fall victim to them! When you use onlinehackscan’s services, you stay ahead and they will start to attack your competitors instead!

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