Here’s Why Managed Service Providers Are The Solution To Cyberattacks in Payment Processing Security

Businesses all over the world are appreciating the benefits of using payment processing in their companies. From its flexibility, customization, and efficiency, companies continue to embrace growth with payment processors. However, just like any other payment method, payment processors are susceptible to cyberattacks.  Explaining Payment Processing As the world turns paperless, transactions become more convenient. […]

Cyber Security & Information Risk Management, the devil’s dilemma

Why People Matter Most? Security is not about Technology. I’m a big advocate of this statement and pose it anywhere I possible can. Why? Because nowadays the security vendor landscape seems to be all about the holy grail and “nextgen 2.0” products.  What is missing is the core foundation of people making mistakes, all day, […]

Why a Hacker isn’t an Application Tester

This is a story that i have to tell; it’s impossible to ignore. I spend a couple of days of my time talking to one of the largest companies in the world… They have been looking for ethical hackers / security consultants or whatever you want to call it, so  I was introduced by a head hunter […]

Social Engineering; Why I think your business should care

I’m amazed every single day about the way people think about normal-life security inside companies. Big or small; everybody has weaknesses that go unnoticed until disaster strikes. Whether it’s an employee, a disgruntled employee or an external entity who gained access to your company; it doesn’t matter much. Any of them can cause your company to […]

How to get inside a company Data Center…

Today I arrived early for my meeting so I was able to sit at the lobby listening to conversations taking place between security-reception and the employees/guests of the company. After a couple of minutes a maintenance guy approached the reception and told them that he was checking all the fire extinguishers in the building and […]

Thoughts confirmed: companies are scared of hackers

I’ve decided to test my theory I wrote about the other day. I believe that companies are scared as hell when it comes to hiring security personnel. They will have to rely on the fact that the people they hire to help their clients or themselves from being attacked by hackers/evil won’t turn against them and […]

Is everybody scared? Or is it something else?

After a wonderful talk to some high-end tech guys from a large company, I suddenly realized it. Application Maintainers; programmers and to some extend system administrators are most of all scared by the thought of security and breaches of them. The hacker mindset is one that is special; and potentially dangerous for companies to hire. […]

“I am not going to get hacked”

Many years ago it used to be that most website hacking attempts were launched by sophisticated cybercriminals, or at the very least highly talented amateurs using complex methods and tools. While this meant such attacks could be more difficult to prevent – they were usually limited in number, and aimed towards larger corporations with very large […]

Can you believe it’s time again for New Year Resolutions?

It’s always great to start the New Year with a fresh set of to-do items that you’re finally going to get around to doing. The problem, however, is that when we set “resolutions”, the resolve to get things done is usually gone by February or March. We end up going down the predictable path and setting ourselves up […]