Even FireEye got hacked – Are you safe from hackers?

Even FireEye got hacked – Are you safe from hackers?

Even a large professional security company like FireEye got hacked the other day by what was claimed to be a nation-state (fire eye breach statement).

This hack is a clear example that anyone is vulnerable, and requires adequate hack detection and hack prevention.

FireEye had their security detection well in place, which resulted in them spotting the breach fast and adequately.

But do you have the same level of protection and detection in place as a small company? We dare to bet that this isn’t the case. Worry not! Onlinehackscan offers you different detection and prevention services which help you stay ahead of the game!

Detect breaches in a heartbeat!

Our detection suite does checks on your company website to determine is the site has been breached by hackers and if they injected malicious code into your site.

We alert you on a breach and even offer a full malware removal service so that you don’t have to worry about how to clean up the mess!

Prevent attacks from happening!

This is where our prevention service comes into play. We do frequent scans on your servers to determine if there are any gaps which hackers can abuse to break into your network.

We also offer a full penetration test service on your website! Fully automated and monthly recurring, so that you know for sure that security weaknesses are spotted and reported to you right away before hackers break in!

With our extensive reports, you will always know how we can exploit problems and what you have to do to close the gap!

Try our free services right now!

Because we care about a safer world, we offer a free package on all of our services! Head over to the package you require and sign up for our services today!

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