Do you know that “Hackers attack new servers within 5 minutes, on average 3,922 times a day, and 250,000 servers are hacked, each day?”

Hosting companies take down hacked servers quick. OnlineHackScan helps to prevent that from happening to YOU!

A public IP address for your website isn’t something secret. Within 5 minutes, hackers are bashing on your door, trying to break in.

Sign up to our vulnerability scanning service and find out how hackers can break into your server without you knowing! You can perform your one off security  assessments for just $97! We find your security weaknesses, so that you can focus on your business!


Let us help you make sure that hackers are not breaking into your business.

Click on the button below to start your first vulnerability scan!

We check your public servers to make sure hackers cannot break in.

No installation of anything needed! Just click the button below, and know how hackers will take advantage of your hard work! 

Cyber attacks cost businesses of all sizes about $200,000 on average.

And yours could be next… All servers have something that cyber criminals want.

So, if you’re like other business owners who think your server won’t be a target because you are not a big brand, then you should think again.

Servers are used by hackers for different reasons, but in the end it is YOU that will have the problem. YOU will get shut down, and YOU will suffer the loss in business because of that.

We have 25+ servers running on public IPs, and we see hundreds of attacks every hour coming in. If it wasn't for OnlineHackScan we would have been hacked many times already! They are finding vulnerabilities for us well before hackers do, allowing us to fix the issue before it becomes a real problem!

Steve, FinTech

This is how these criminals attack. It could've been anyone, even you!

Some attacks are automated. (Meaning the attacker doesn’t even know what he is targeting. They attack at random and gets the one that is less secure)

Some hackers just hack for fun. These are dangerous as they don’t care about your business, and can easily destroy your reputation

Other hacking attacks are a dirty trick by competitors trying to take you down.

Some attack you for financial gains – like inserting malware on your website traffic to their own website.

But it doesn’t really matter how it happens, does it? You just have to:

If you aren’t protecting your assets, you will tarnish your reputation.

If you’re thinking of what to do to secure your server for the vulnerability which hackers exploit, here’s what you could do:

You could hire someone to help you test for vulnerabilities by checking your server’s configuration line by line – Which is time consuming, expensive and abound with errors and gives room for attacks and loss of data and credibility.

Can you really afford spending thousandths of whatever currency you get charged in each month?  YES, each month! You have to test your servers every month to at least stay up with the bad guys!

We know for sure that this isn’t what you want, and you don’t have to! Onlinehackscan has made the perfect solution for you, at a fraction of the cost! Similar if not better results, available for you right now!

Using OnlineHackScan, you will get

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in – If you’re a small or big company, Hackers are out to get everyone.

And you can stay ahead by focusing on your business while OnlineHackScan handles your security by Testing and Finding your vulnerabilities to prevent hackers from exploiting YOU by making their efforts so difficult that they go elsewhere.

Using the onlinehackscan services, you will benefit!

Just like these happy customers who said

Our developers LOVE the way that OnlineHackscan reports issues within the Websites we have. The level of detail is incredible! It's so easy to replicate the issues and with that we are able to lower our time and cost to fix problems! I can't thank you enough!
Lucario, IT
OnlineHackscan is by far the best of anything we have tried. Fast, friendly and extremely well focussed! We don't use anything else for our security scanning services!
Mark. US
We have been using OnlineHackScan’s services for over 5 years now, and we LOVE IT! The depth and coverage of the service is simply phenomenal!
Losh, LU
When you compare price and quality of service, using OnlineHackscan was an absolute no-brainer for us. We have to keep a continuous track of our security state, and using manual pentests for that is impossible budget wise. Having the monthly detailed reports is absolutely brilliant!
Anthony, NL
FINALLY a service that helps us meet our goals without the cost involved! We can finally get an accurate and detailed overview on the security compliance state of our public infrastructure. We have over 100 IP addresses which are open to the world, and OnlineHackscan gave us the perfect way to manage those from a security level!
Brian, HK

Why work with OnlineHackScan?

Every single day hackers are looking for ways to break into your servers for their selfish reasons.

Some of which are:

So, who is this fully automated and high-quality recurring server vulnerability scanning solution for?

It’s for you! – For those who care about the security of their servers, as well as developers who want the best for their clients, and hosting companies, who offer servers to customers.

Let OnlineHackScan help YOU be PREPARED for the attackers on your servers!

Did we scare you?

You do not have to be – onlinehackscan is here to help prevent all that from happening to YOU. We detect the loopholes which hackers exploit to get into your websites and servers.

Choose any of our package and YOU can sleep peacefully again!

While our automated system with minimal configuration time, no hardware requirements and no software licenses with installation needed – scans your servers non-stop to shut down attacks which are happening every 39 seconds, and prevent 300 daily new ways to hack into your server.


Your ultimate starting point
$ 27
  • No Website Pentested
  • 16 Public IPs Tested
  • Monthly Scans


Your ultimate starting point
$ 47
  • No Website Pentested
  • 64 Public IPs Tested
  • Monthly Scans


Your ultimate starting point
$ 97
  • No Website Pentested
  • 64 Public IPs Tested
  • One time scan

How it works

Receive a username and password by email

Log in to the website

Add the servers you want to scan

Get an email with your PDF report, and hae online access to your dashboard with full details.

Or you can Join

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Businesses in different niches such as: fintech, banking, insurance, healthcare, industry, NGO’s and many others did.

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And be a part of over websites secured with Onlinehackscan help.

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Which has seen and more attack vectors identified with Onlinehackscan services

Not sure if you need any of our services?

Try our services and get vulnerability reports which will show you what we do for yourself!

To try our easy to manage solution which has YOU and YOUR business in mind. Receive the information that is non-technical to work with and easy to understand what YOUR server security problems are!

Frequently Asked Questions

Because We provide detailed insights on what is wrong, how we have discovered this and what the customer should do to fix the problem. We offer the best value for money. Direct insight on how hackers attack your website. And our reports are non-technical. It’s easy to understand.

We discover a broad range of problems, from data stealing issues to problems that impact your website visitors.

At the moment, we check for well over 1.2 million issues. Each day more then 300 new security vulnerabilities are found, making it very important to scan your servers and sites frequently.

No, it runs to improve your website and server to reduce down time error and improve security.

We are never trying to take down your systems, this is not how security scans work. We try to find weaknesses on application level, and a denial of service is not part of that.

We have a variety of packages which run scans daily monthly to find security issues which hackers exploit.

We test on infrastructure level and assess more than 1.2 million different types of technical exploits on your servers.

For websites, we utilize the latest OWASP ASVS testing guide to ensure that we find all web application weaknesses there are.

Our automated system scans, and find holes which we provide detailed information on how to fix these, so that you prevent hackers’ attacks.

We CAN fix malware infections on your website if you want!

When you like our help to work with your developers to remediate found issues, contact us for a quote.

You start by selecting any of our packages to start right away! This will take you through our order process, and will set you up with an account!

We prefer short-term monthly renewed contracts. This way, you are not bound to anything you don't want. Cancel at any time!

Absolutely! When you'd like to resell our services, fill in your details on this page and we will be in touch!

We have a partner system which you can white-label. Make reports with your logo, and have your clients work with our system as if it is yours. 

Yes, as long as own the website or have approval from the owner. In fact, you should do it because Forbes confirmed that google pays hackers (bounty hunters) to keep the internet safe.

Yes, if attackers cannot find security issues to exploit, they will go after someone else!

Absolutely. With a partner account, you can set up your own custom domain with your logo. Sell our services as if they are your own.

Any questions?

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