Is your webserver protected against hackers?

Is your webserver protected against hackers?

Hackers and cyber criminals are going after your online servers, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They run automated scripts and tools to break into your website. They want to steal your customer data and try to bribe you with this data.

You can stay ahead of the game and find out where your weak spots are! Use the services and identify security vulnerabilities right away! This helps your keep your website and your servers secure and online!

Over 300 new security vulnerabilities are discovered each single day!
Crazy isn’t it? The sad thing is that it is true… Every day, more than 300 new security vulnerabilities are discovered. Each of these issues can be an issue which your server is vulnerable for! This is why we created Onlinehackscan! We protect you from leaving these security risks undiscovered. Automated security scans run against your servers and websites and you are presented with easy to understand reports of where the security problems are!

Easy to read and easy to pass to the IT people who have to fix your security risks!

Online hackscan make reporting easy!

It is a matter of clicking a button! A simple and clear PDF report is what we present you. You have a clear management summary, where you can see what your current security state it. Simple, to the point and easy to understand.

Charts with clear to understand colors are also on this same page. All your current security risks grouped in categories, so that you can easily see where your greatest risk for hackers lies. Each IP address where security issues have been found on are listed next. This gives you a clear indication which of your web servers have the most security issues. This is a good indication which of your servers requires most patching.

A solid overview of all the discovered individual security risks are listed next. This gives you a clear indication of the issues discovered. These can be used to keep track of security related problems internally and can be used by system administrators to check off which issue has been fixed.

When we scan your servers in the next iteration, a new report is presented, and hopefully all your hard work fixing your issues will result in that highly wanted ‘all green’ report!

Security Vulnerability Scanning does not have to be expensive!

Onlinehackscan has made its service available to anyone! All public servers should be secure, so that attackers and hackers have no chance.

You can start today with one of our packages practically for free! Why not give it a go and see how we do! Not liking our service? Not a problem, you can cancel any time! No questions asked!

If you don’t do security scans on your website, it will be hacked…

This is the stone cold, hard truth. We are not trying to scare you. There are bad people out there which call themselves hackers. All they do is looking for weak and vulnerable websites and web servers. You do not have to fall victim to them!

When you use onlinehackscan’s services, you stay ahead, and they will start to attack your competitors instead!

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